We have converted our key titles available in print into e-books to meet our subscribers’ demand for digital content. Our e-books are presented in a fixed layout format for readers to experience reading a digital book with consistent format, layout and pagination similar to the print version. 

With our e-books hosted on Kitaboo – a cloud-based digital platform, our subscribers will enjoy the features available on the platform to navigate through our e-books.

What are the features available to e-books via Kitaboo e-reader?

·     Highlight text by using the highlighter (comes in five colours) and make a note alongside the highlighted text.

·     Select specific content and navigate through the pages by using the thumbnail navigation features.

·     Set bookmarks.

·     Annotate in an e-book using the pen note features.

·     Add a sticky note (comes in five colours) for quick reference.

·     Use the zoom features for ease of reading.

·     Change page viewing options based on your preference..

·     Click on MY Data to view consolidated notes and highlights made on an e-book for you to review the content that you have marked up.

·     Search your e-book for specific terms and phrases within/in the document using the search features.

The first phase of our e-book project consists of seven titles:

·     A Practical Approach to Malaysian Employment Law

·     A Practical Approach to Workplace Sexual Harassment and Bullying

·     Criminal Procedure & Practice in Malaysia

·     Employee Misconduct

·     Employment Law Manual for Practitioners, 3rd Edition

·     Judicial Management: Fundamental Principles & Analysis (Quick Guide Series)

·     Law on REITs in Malaysia

As law keeps evolving, e-books provide a more efficient method of updating existing content without waiting for the revised edition. We will enrich the affected parts of the content with updates to the law via a document, audio or video icon displayed alongside the affected text.