Legal sagacity isn’t merely acquired; it’s crafted, honed, and generously shared. The authors behind CLJ PRIME’s Specialist Modules embody this spirit, rendering their vast experiences into expert-driven modules that serve as a linchpin for practical and innovative legal solutions. Today, let us traverse the inspiring journeys of three such legal minds: Revathi Kannan, Ranita Markandan, and Piya Balakrishnan, each of whom has manifested their expertise in specific legal arenas into the educational domain of CLJ PRIME.

The Altruistic Conveyancer: Revathi Kannan

Revathi Kannan, founder and steward of Revathi & Partners, encapsulates more than a decade and a half of legal prowess. But her journey goes beyond being a seasoned legal practitioner in Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolutions. Revathi’s journey is an exposition of how relentless pursuit of knowledge, skill, and altruistic sharing of it creates a legacy — one where her extensive experiences with intricate conveyancing disputes metamorphose into wisdom imparted to both the courtroom and the classroom.

Her fellowship at the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution and role as an Adjunct Lecturer signify her commitment to melding practicality with academia, ensuring that the resultant knowledge serves not just as theory, but applicable legal prudence.

The Employment Law Virtuoso: Ranita Markandan

Ranita’s narrative speaks of a determined pursuit, showcasing a trajectory where law read transforms into law practiced, shared, and taught. With over two decades of deep-seated expertise, Ranita Markandan has evolved from a fresh graduate of the University of London to becoming a fulcrum of consultancy and training in the employment law realm in Malaysia. Her footprint spans over 500 companies, where her insight into employee management, personal data protection, and anti-bribery has shaped policies and informed practices.

Ranita doesn’t merely navigate the legalese; she orchestrates it into coherent, tangible, and actionable knowledge, culminating in her involvement in crafting employment contracts and policies that safeguard both entities and individuals alike.

The Compassionate Family Advocate: Piya Balakrishnan

In the delicate intricacies of family and matrimonial law, Piya Balakrishnan stands as both an advocate and a compassionate ally. As the founder of Piya Law Chambers, her focus has always teetered between legal excellence and empathetic practice, understanding the profound impact that matrimonial disputes cast upon the involved parties, especially children.

Piya’s belief—that empathy and kindness are paramount in legal practice—resonates through her work, where her keen involvement in mental health and child development intricately weaves into her practice. This has not only allowed her to address the legalities of disputes but also to comprehensively grasp and navigate the emotional and psychological intricacies intertwined therein.


Revathi, Ranita, and Piya, each with their own specialty and style, amalgamate their practical expertise with a passion for sharing knowledge, crafting the cornerstone upon which CLJ PRIME’s specialist modules stand. Their journeys, vividly varied yet unified in dedication and expertise, embody the essence of what CLJ PRIME aims to deliver: expert-driven, comprehensively crafted legal knowledge that’s grounded, applicable, and ceaselessly inspirational.

These legal maestros have not only embraced the profound depths of their respective fields but have also unwaveringly committed to sharing that depth with practitioners and scholars alike through CLJ PRIME. As we delve into the specialist modules, we’re not merely interacting with static knowledge but engaging with the dynamic, lived experiences of these experts, ensuring that the wisdom imbibed is both authentic and immeasurably valuable.

Join us on this educational journey, where the expertise of legal minds like Revathi, Ranita, and Piya is not just learned but profoundly felt, intertwining their inspirational journeys with our own burgeoning legal narratives.