For legal professionals, research isn't just a task—it's an integral part of practice, drawing from both modern tools and the rich tapestry of legal history. With the evolution of legal databases like CLJPrime and the incorporation of the prestigious ICLR Reports, the landscape of legal research is undergoing a transformative change.

The Evolution and Importance of the ICLR
Long before digital tools simplified legal research, law reporting was the primary method of disseminating judicial decisions. These reports allowed the public and professionals to be apprised of the law and its interpretations. However, prior to 1865, this system was rather erratic. Without a reliable set of reports, it became challenging to ascertain definitive past decisions. This inconsistency even gave courts the leeway to doubt and dismiss certain precedents, as illustrated by the humorous anecdote about the law reporter Mr. Barnardiston.

The inception of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) in 1865 was a watershed moment. The ICLR, with its rigorous standards, brought structure and credibility to law reporting. Post-1865, draft reports from the ICLR were meticulously reviewed by judges to ensure accuracy, also encapsulating the parties' arguments for a clearer context of disputes.

CLJPrime's Advanced Search Functionality
Gone are the days of wading through dense archives of legal data. With CLJPrime's state-of-the-art3-tier search function, professionals can navigate vast legal landscapes with unmatched precision. Begin with a broad topic search, refine your exploration with a 'search within search' feature, and finally zero in on the exact content you need. It's a voyage from macro to micro, ensuring every journey is both thorough and enlightening.

ICLR & CLJPrime: Bridging Past and Present
In an era that values speed and accuracy, our collaboration with the ICLR is more than just a feature—it's a commitment to the legacy of legal research. Our subscribers can now explore a comprehensive collection of ICLR Reports, from "The Law Reports - since 1865" to the more recent "Public & Third Sector Law Reports - since 2009", ensuring a blend of historical richness and current relevance.

What is the ICLR package subscriber can access when subscribing CLJ PRIME 

  • The Weekly Law Reports - cases published since 1953.
  • The Law Reports – cases published since 1865.
  • The Industrial Cases Reports – cases published since 1972.
  • The Business Law Reports – cases published since 1 January 2007.
  • The Weekly Law Report Dailies – case summaries of important cases in the House of Lords, the Privy Council, the Court of Appeal and divisions of the High Court.
  • The Public & Third Sector Law Reports – cases published since 2009


Law is a domain where the past and present intertwine. As legal professionals strive to stay ahead in their practice, tools like CLJPrime's advanced search functions and trusted resources like the ICLR Reports become indispensable. Through a fusion of modern technology and historical rigor, we aim to provide nothing less than excellence in legal research.