Specialist practitioners, whether practising lawyers or corporate practitioners are looking for solutions and resources to hone their practical skills and be well-equipped to handle legal tasks. To bridge the knowledge gap, Specialist Toolkits, a solution-based product, provides practical know-how on handling a dispute or a matter from start to finish across different practice areas.

Specialist Toolkits form the crux of Specialist Modules. They  are developed by legal and corporate experts specialising in a particular practice area and edited by a team of well-trained editors. Our team of experts and editors will continue to update the toolkits as and when there are updates to the law.

Each Toolkit offers simple narratives of the law and case studies depicting potential scenarios that practitioners would face. The Toolkits also provide templates for practitioners to build on and use for legal and corporate transactions. Flowcharts and checklists are available to show the process involved and ensure the tasks are done.