Guide to Good Conduct is a practical module for companies and HR practitioners. Every company must implement effective HR policies for the smooth administration of the day-to-day business and to fulfil ethical, diversity and training requirements when such policies are in place.

Guide to Good Conduct is available under the Employment Specialist Module. It comprises 20 sample key HR policies covering employee conduct policies, equal opportunity policies, attendance and time policies, substance abuse policies, workplace security policies and many more.

Each sample policy consists of case studies depicting fictitious scenarios on policy breach, misconduct, act of unjust dismissal, act of discrimination, constructive dismissal and many more. Case laws of similar situations are provided immediately after a case study. The synopsis of a case and the court's decision are explained in simple layman's language yet comprehensively. A list of reference materials, related case laws and legislation are included for further reading.

The guide was developed by our team of well-trained editors and reviewed by our corporate/legal expert on employment. There are constant changes to the employment landscape, and our team will review and update the guide as and when there are updates to the law.

Guide to Good Conduct is a good tool for companies and HR practitioners to do the following:

  • Train and educate employees on the company rules and the repercussions of a breach.

  • Foresee any possible legal dispute and mitigate the company’s legal risk.

  • Regularly audit the HR policies and re-implement them, if necessary.

  • Set the correct perimeters and guidelines for employees and employers to follow.