Q. What materials may be submitted?
A. Court judgments, court orders (overruling and affirming), tribunal awards, articles and manuscripts on legal topics.

Q: Do you publish articles written by law undergraduate and post-graduate students?
A. For student articles, our policy is that it must be either co-authored by a qualified legal practitioner or senior academician (eg supervising professor) or at a minimum, that either aforementioned party has reviewed and endorsed the article. The names and credentials of all authors and supporting parties together with their contact emails must be included below the article.

Q. Are there limits as to the length of the materials I wish to submit?
A. There are no limits for judgments, orders and awards published online.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of co-authors for an article? 
A. We would prefer that there be no more than 5 co-authors per article.

Q. What format, font size and style should I use for my article?
A. Your article should be in Word document, font 12, Times New Roman. We will format the document according to our house rules prior to publication.

Q. Are there limits as to the length of the materials I wish to submit?
A. There are no limits for articles and judgments published online. Articles meant for print should be limited to 20 pages (A4 size paper). Manuscripts meant for book publication may be subject to limits at the discretion of the publisher.

Q. Will I be paid any fee for submitting materials?
A. No fee is payable for articles, judgments and awards. The payment for manuscripts for book publication will be according to agreed terms after the manuscript has been reviewed by an Editorial Committee and accepted for publication.

Q. Where will the materials submitted be published?
A. Materials will be published in any or all of the publisher’s websites and/or journals unless a preference is stipulated.

Q. Will my materials definitely be published?
A. The materials are published at the discretion of the publisher.

Q. Will I still retain the copyright of any materials I have written?
A. The copyright to materials written will pass to the publisher unless otherwise agreed.

Q. Will my materials be edited?
A. The publisher reserves the right to edit any materials submitted.

Q. Who can I contact should I require further clarification?
A. Queries may be directed to submit@cljlaw.com

Q. How do I submit my materials?
A. Materials may be submitted by completing the form and attaching a soft copy of your materials or by forwarding a soft copy of your materials via email to submit@cljlaw.com.